Its Never Been Easier to Publish an Interactive Checklist to Engage Website Visitors

Guide your audience through a series of steps with an interactive checklist. Place links to all of the relevant resources right at their fingertips and add images, downloads and streaming media to the page.  Visitors can check off tasks with a click and guide-a-rama automatically updates the progress bar encouraging the user to stay engaged and complete the steps. Best of all it's mobile optimized and looks great on tablets and smart phones from the minute you publish.  

Follow these steps to create your own interactive checklist: 

  • It takes less than 30 seconds to create your own Guide-a-rama account (no credit card needed to start).  Visit our website for more information or create your Free trial account now. 

  • From the Library tab of the Guide-a-rama application, click on the "Create New Guide" button to get started. The built-in wizard will walk you through the process. 

  • The first step of the Guide-a-rama Wizard lets you name your checklist, select (or upload) a display cover and add a short description.  Click "Next" to save your work and continue to the content editor...

  • Simply drag and drop the Task List element from the tool bar onto the workspace.   Each task gets a title and an optional description section.  Within the description you can: 

    • Add formatted text, bulleted lists and numbered lists
    • Link to websites, streaming media or applications

    Click "Next" to save your work and continue to the publishing step.

  • To publish your checklist without a landing page ignore all of the other fields on this step and click the "Basic" radio button at the bottom of the page.  Then click "Save & Publish".  Your interactive checklist is now ready to embed into a website, link to your social media accounts or use in your online advertising campaigns.